Home Staging 101

ü Start by thinking of your home as a house, a product that you are trying to sell.

ü The buyer needs to be able to imagine themselves, their things and their décor in the house.

§ De-personalize (take down family photos, personal items)

§ Neutralize (neutral paint, décor, furnishings)

ü Rooms should be set up to show the typical activity for that room.

§ Family Room – Gathering and watching TV

§ Dining Room – Eating meals

§ When possible show multiple functions for a room.

ü Clean, clean, clean! No odors, bugs, pets, food or mildew

ü Check for and repair scuffs, chips, cracks in paint.

ü Have all light fixtures working, clean and with new bulbs.

ü Have fresh scents throughout the house, but not overwhelming.

ü Remove all “clutter”

§ Stacks of magazines, newspapers, bills, papers

§ All magnets, photos, etc. from refrigerator

§ Small appliances, utensils, etc. from kitchen counter

§ Toiletries from bathroom counter

ü Remove anything precious, valuable or fragile.

ü Keep all cabinets, pantries & closets organized so the space looks larger.

§ Keep only the necessities and store the rest.

§ Have all items facing the same direction.

§ Use all the same type of hangers.

§ Remove most coats from the coat closet.

ü Simplify window treatments: should be neutral and allow in as much light as possible.