Organizing 101

ü Create small, practical goals, such as 10 minutes a day sorting through clothes.

ü Make organizing fun and a positive experience by giving yourself rewards for accomplishing your goals.

ü If you are holding on to things for purely emotional reasons, try taking a photo of the object. You will be able to get rid of the item, but still have the memory.

ü Do not buy anything unless you have a purpose for it. If your home is already overflowing, do NOT bring anything in, unless another object goes out.

ü Embrace new habits: Put your shoes away when you take them off, put the plate in the dishwasher when you’re done with it, etc.

ü Purge and clean before buying storage baskets/bins. Once you have gotten rid of those unused items, you may be surprised at how much space you have.

ü When sorting through paper or piles, do not get trapped by walking down memory lane. Put anything you want to read or revisit in a basket to be looked through at another designated time.

ü Purge AND make some money: Sell your overstock in a sale, on Facebook or Craig’s List.

ü Help the less fortunate, donate!

ü Get the kids involved. When they are done with a toy, it gets put away.

ü Give the kids baskets/bins that are labeled so they know where things go and can reach them.

ü Make sure everyone in the family knows how the new systems work, so everyone is on the same page and can all help to keep it tidy.

ü Set up centers in your home with specific activities that will take place there.
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